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AllianceClean's Four-Step Cleaning Method

 1.  Pre-Treatment
 All stains (like spills, dirt, and wine) are prepped for removal. Pet     treatments and vacuuming services are applied, if applicable.
 2.  Pre-Clean
 An Organic pre-spray solution is applied to help break down           dirt  and grime. This optimizes the effectiveness of our steam   cleaning. We then use a counter rotating brush machine to   agitate and lift the carpet fibers, removing any deep embedded   particles
 3.  Steam Cleaning
 AllianceClean’s high-horsepower truck-mounted system sprays   steam at 300-500psi (depending on carpet style) to remove dirt   from and clean your carpet.
 4.  Water Extraction
 We use a high-powered vacuum to remove 95% of water from   your carpets making them completely dry after 3-5 hours.

Our 4-Step process and Triple Wand Pass brush technique ensures that your carpets get the best clean and the quickest dry.

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Alliance Cleaning Solutions, LLC strives to be the most customer-friendly, efficient, and enviro-friendly carpet cleaning experience in Waldorf, MD. We’re different than other companies because we use higher quality products and put a true emphasis on making the customer experience uniquely simple. We believe in simple pricing, we don’t “nickel and dime” the prices like our competitors. Instead, we offer you one price for our most popular services and have additional services you can add. We do not charge more for each stain, which makes us very unique.


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